Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day 5: Our Gotcha Day and Birthday celebration- Part one

What a day!!! On Monday, January 18, which happened to be Talia's 5th birthday, we got to hold her for the first time.  Let's back it up and give ya a play by play... I got up at 3 am because I could not sleep.  Go figure... I had some quality time with Toby and David at breakfast because I had a feeling that someone else would want full attention the rest of the day.  We had a meeting with our guide, and then prepared our documents/gifts.  David and I kept breathing heavy all day because we have experienced this moment before and it happened to be a pretty life changing moment.  We didn't know if she would like us, cry, run, laugh, or be affectionate.  We really didn't have too much information about her only that she was deaf. At 2:00 in the afternoon,  we weaved in and out of traffic to reach the Civil Afairs building. We walked in not knowing if she was there or not. There were 14 other families in the room getting their children. You could hear some of the children crying and parents trying to sooth them. We didn't want to miss anything with our video camera because it was going so fast when we got there.  Talia even walked by us to go to the playroom.  ( They bring them to the parents one at a time from the playroom.)It was crazy to see her and not hold her right away.  I really prayed for strength because it is such an emotional time to meet your child for the first time.  The moment had arrived...out came this beautiful princess in a bright pink coat with a stunned look on her face. She was escorted by her teachers from the orphanage. Toby's response to seeing her is what still breaks my heart as I think about it. He was so tender and caring with her. He gently touched her face, kissed her and seemed so compassionate.  He understood everything she had been through.  It was such an answer to prayer.   She seemed stunned and it was sad when her teachers had to leave. Talia didn't cry, but seemed somber. She got in our van with no problem and we went back to the hotel. She was looking around the place with alot of curiosity, but was very calm.  We immediately changed her into her "birthday girl" shirt and put on her crown. It was her birthday and we needed to celebrate this very special day! We took a walk outside and found some delicious fried rice. Talia took two bites and stopped. She didn't look too good.  To be continued......
I got to meet Courtney that I met online. We had our Gotcha moment together

On our way

This picture means so much!! You see our little Talia Lin SiRu is named after David's sister, Linda. Linda Talley impacted both of our lives in so many ways that we had to name our little one after her. If Talia becomes anything close to our sister, she will be a great lady! 

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