Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 7: Chopped Liver and free haircuts

On Wednesday, January 20th, we had a pretty good day despite a yucky weather day. Talia was feeling better and rested well during the night. We got up pretty early (again), but let the kids sleep a little later. Went to our big breakfast bar and I ate the same thing that I do everyday except I had some salad....for breakfast. ..yeah I know, but I missed salad that bad to eat it in the morning. True fact: In the week that we have been here, Toby probably has eaten a whole watermelon by himself. (: When it is all you can eat and they charge THIS much money, we say Go for it to Toby.

So my husband is feeling a bit like "chopped liver" these days. Talia is connecting with me and following me around nonstop. When he even goes near her, she gives him the cold shoulder.  She has a little sassy side so it's so obvious that she is ignoring him.. It is very normal for an adopted child to choose one parent to attach to, but he would like to help hold her (and so would I) Time will change all that because I know what a wonderful Dad he is and all children think he is awesome. Talia will come around.
We had some time to kill before going to the police station to get Talia's picture made for her passport so we just let the kiddos play in the room.  They watched a little Spongebob. Of course, when you have Deaf children , we can mute the Chinese speaking characters. But all of a sudden, it happened! !  David and I were sorting our dirty laundry when Toby comes in with hair in his hand and Talia is holding my little scissors that I hid in my suitcase. You guessed it, they BOTH got a free haircut by each other!! Talia did a better job, but still cut a chunk of hair from Toby's spike. Talia got the bad end of the deal. Toby cut off part of her bang and one of the longer side pieces. I couldn't believe that happened in a split second. Well,  David and I took turns working out to relieve some stress and then we ate a quick lunch of noodles and fried rice.   At 3:00pm, we headed to the police station to get a quick picture. Snap! And it was over like that! Bad haircut and all!
We came back to the room, loaded the kids in the stroller and headed to the local department store/ Target. It was really nice. We even found  a Subway on the top floor and ate dinner. David and I had a sweet romantic moment when we heard one of "our songs" called "Nothings gonna change my love for you" on the radio in English..Awwww so sweet as we gazed into each other's eyes when Crash...that moment got ruined when we heard glass break. Toby dropped his grape juice in a glass bottle..I saw it coming, but..oh well. I still loved hearing our song all the way in China after 28 years of dating. David, you are not Chopped Liver to me!  Good night ya'll!
Talia's first  haircut...ugh

I did eat some salad for breakfast to break up the monotony. 

Notice the Grape juice....not for long.

This school name Tag is Talia's security. She has to wear it at all times.

No she is not throwing up her noodles..they are going in, not out. (:

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but this is the police station.

First time eating Subway. 

Our quick romantic moment enjoying our song.


  1. It was a relatively GOOD day even though the haircuts were unwanted. LOL
    Keep the journals coming. Maybe I'll even spot a REAL smile on Talia's face in one of your future pics :) Debbie Keith

  2. I love that song, too! It's so dreamy! Here's hoping you'll have many more such sweet moments as you travel the adoption super highway!

  3. I love that song, too! It's so dreamy! Here's hoping you'll have many more such sweet moments as you travel the adoption super highway!