Thursday, February 11, 2016


Yesterday, we went ahead and "readopted" Talia here in Ohio. It was the easiest adoption ever!!! A few papers and $183 fee and we were done. I sure wish the foreign adoption was that easy. After surviving two adoption processes, I feel like I deserve a Masters degree.
 So why did we even have to "readopt"? Well, it technically is not required by law, but it is highly suggested.   It legally changes her name from her Chinese name to the name we chose for her. She will get an Ohio birth certificate as well. Having her name be legally changed avoids A LOT of complication for doctors, school paperwork, etc.
When we adopted Toby 2 years ago, I took him to the doctor immediately when we got back from China.  They had to use his Chinese name with all their paperwork because that was the only name they could use.  Well I did the readoption stuff a few months later .  Long story short, two years later, we JUST got approved for a special medical program that I applied for over a year ago.  What took so long? His name and birthdate change complicated his paperwork.    SO....this momma has learned from that mistake.  Our little Mao, Si Ru is officially Talia Lin-Siru Faile! The only thing left to do is get her Social Security card changed to her American name and get her an American passport and then everything is complete!!! PHEW...lots of work, but so worth it.
The Judge that signed our paperwork was gracious enough to take some official pictures with Toby and Talia. Two years ago, we didn't get a picture with the Judge with Toby so we got them both done together. It was very special for them to pound the gavel and it be official! (David had some closer pictures.  I will change them when I can transfer them to my phone)

Of course, we had to have an ice cream party to celebrate another important day!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The night owl flew away

Hey there!  We have been back on EST for one week today. My parents left after staying the weekend with us. They helped so much with cleaning, laundry, meals, and bonding with Talia. Talia really enjoyed having them here. Thank you Mom and Dad!! My brother's family also came over too and Talia has some cousins around her age. So fun to see them interact.  The jet lag is torture in so many ways. This wave of tiredness hits me about 2 pm every day,  but I push through it. I can't really take a nap if I'm watching Talia so that is not an option. I have discovered that she does not take naps and she is a light sleeper.
So after the afternoon exhaustion, I get a little pep in my step when everyone arrives from school. They either head out to work or hang out . I normally would be thinking about dinner plans at this point, but I have been the recipient of many home cooked delicious meals. Wow!!! What a huge blessing for a meal to pop up on your doorstep. Meal planning is one of my thorns in the flesh, but I have literally been spoiled by some awesome friends. I can't thank them enough for this blessing.  I also had two special people come and clean my house before I got home.  What?????  I couldnt believe it. Here is a secret for you, if you ever want to make me feel extra special and loved, giving me meals and helping me clean is the way to my heart!!!   There I said it....Take note. (:  Thank you so much to all who have touched my heart with the cleaning and meals!!! I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

A clean

After dinner, we start focusing on bed!! If you know me at all, you would label me as a night owl. I get so much done when everyone is in bed and normally I'm in a pretty good mood. Well ever since I've been back, the night owl has flown the coop. At 7:30-8:00pm, exhaustion hits me and I HAVE to lay down. Our Cassidy has had to tuck David and I in bed. Ha ha That first 4 hours of sleep is great, but then I wake up at midnight thinking the night is over and I feel more awake.  Ugh ..not good.  I admit that I have been popping melatonin to get my body on schedule, but it's not quite there yet. So here I lay at 4am writing my blog when I want to be asleep. The good thing is ..Toby is sleeping pretty much all night. He is always in fast gear so to see his little body tire is helpful for all of us. Talia is doing better tonight. She feel asleep at 8:30 pm and for the first time has not cried during the night. She even stayed in her bed!! I know the night is still happening since it's almost 5 am, but we are almost there. All I can say is, I'm ready to be back on track. It puts such a wear and tear on a person's body to not get sleep at the right time.
So writing this blog right now is getting me sleepy. I will continue later..zzzzzz

It's 6:30 am now....that didn't work.  No rest for the weary. The kids are still asleep at least. Let me give ya an update on how Talia is adjusting.  She is a jewel!  She is so well behaved, plays with toys, eats everything I give her, has no bathroom issues, and gives the sweetest hugs. Like I said earlier,  the only issues have been at night when she is feeling scared and sad. We are blessed to have found this little one. When I saw her picture for the first time, I was drawn to her. I felt that God was leading us to her and I'm so glad that He did. I felt the same way with Toby too. Although they are polar opposites, my Toby brings me so much joy and amazes me everyday. He might keep me hopping alot more, but God gave him to us for a reason and I feel honored to be his Mommy as well as my other four.

So my 3 older children all went on a winter retreat this weekend. Bethany and Luke are middle school leaders and of course Cassidy is a participant.  I am so proud of each of them for wanting to stay close to the Lord and be involved in church. I couldn't be more blessed to be their Mom. I pray that God will use this time to speak to each of their hearts in a mighty way. Going to a winter retreat with no snow is a bummer, but I'm sure they will have a blast
Our first meal as a family of 7

Cousin sleepover

I have had these puzzles for so long that Bethany used them as a little girl. They still do the trick.

Best Youth leaders...wish Cassidy was in the picture..

Continue to pray for David and I as we try to get caught up on this time zone. It is so hard to be expected to run a normal schedule at home and work, but be totally drained. Hopefully by next week we will feel much better. If you see me in public, I warn you now. My mind is foggy, my eyes are sleep deprived and I am sluggish. I sure hope that changes soon. Blessings to you all!