Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick Update...

Hello everyone!

     Just a quick update... the paperwork is slowly getting done.  I am working on both the home study paperwork as well as the dossier paperwork.  We had our first home visit with the social worker yesterday.  The three hour meeting went well and we are so blessed that we finally got assigned a social worker.  It has been a waiting game since January, but we finally are making progress.  Our children were interviewed yesterday and they did a fabulous job.  I am very proud of them!  My house is  spotless so if anyone wants to come over and look at it, you are welcome. haha  It may not look like this very long. (:  Our goal is to wrap up the home study by the end of March... Praise the Lord!  If I can gather all of the dossier paperwork by that same time, then I can mark two HUGE steps off of the list.  So hopefully by Easter, I can say that I accomplished one of the biggest things I have ever done... Adoption paperwork!   I am having a  paperwork party at the end....(:   In the next few weeks, I am also going to unveil our fundraiser idea for the much needed funds that we need.   I think you will like the creativity of this simple fundraiser that has the potential to raise $ 10,000.  After the home study is completed, I will also be able to apply for adoption grants as well.  If you have not gone to our fundraising site, it is
Thank you for your continued prayers for our family and especially for little Tobiah " Toby" Jianke Faile.   As soon as I get permission, I will post his picture but until then, imagine a very cute little boy with a heart melting smile.   (: