Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 11: Cruisin down the river with our Maoming Princess

Yawn....woke up at 6:30 am because I had to. I actually set my alarm for the first time.  I think my internal clock is officially used to China time. Oh how I dread the jet lag when we come back.. At least it will be all four of us experiencing this so my older three can help us out. Right, kids?
We had our usual breakfast. It's good, but I sure could go for some Crunch Berries right now. (:
We met our guide at 9:15 am to go to a Chinese historical site called Chen Clan Academy. It was very old and the wood carvings were breathtaking. However, it was so cold, that it was hard to enjoy. It was sleeting here in Guangzhou!  Our guide said that hasn't happened in 50 years! We could have passed on this big day in history because I did not bring any winter stuff and I was FREEZING! 
After the academy, we went to a jewelry wholesale market. Amber Rohrer, you would have gone crazy! (:  There were 200-300 shops with jade, pearl, silver, amethyst, necklaces,  etc...So many of the same in the same place. It was overwhelming.  I think we spent more time in the bathroom however then browsing. Talia has to go potty every 30 minutes and as much as I try and avoid the bathrooms, she forces me to have to go in and hang onto her for dear life so she doesn't fall in the toilet hole.  And did I mention that it's pretty gross? Yep!
We came back to the hotel and went to a place called the Hot Pot. It is pretty popular around here. I wasnt too impressed, but Tali was a pro at eating the food,sauces,and using chopsticks.  She put me to shame! She was in her element though. I guess we will be ordering more Chinese food when we get home. Toby doesn't like it so we never had to really get any for him. Not so, with our Maoming Princess. 
This afternoon,  I walked to a couple of stores to check out some winter gear. Everything was on clearance or on sale so I was able to get some deals. (: I love me some deals!!
This evening we went on a boat ride with a dinner.  We wanted to avoid the dinner,  but our  guide assured us that everything was safe.  It actually was pretty good except for the chicken heads laying on a I passed on that!   The kids LOVED the ride.  There were so many LED lights on boats, buildings, bridges,and the tower. I had been on this ride with my 3 olders two years ago. I thought of Bethany, Luke and Cassidy the whole time tonight wishing they were with me again.  We had a blast together and made special memories.  It was VERY cold in the night air as the boat was cruising along at a pretty good pace. Luckily, there was an indoor area as well so we weren't freezing for too long.  We even had some entertainment.  We had a blast and yes we went to several squatty potties on the boat....that girl! (: 
Tomorrow is our consulate appointment.  We are almost done with this process so we can leave on Thursday morning (China time). We have a layover in Seattle and then head home on Friday night around 7:30 pm. Can't wait to see my babies. Overall, this has been a fantastic trip and we are really enjoying our time here in China. Talk to ya tomorrow.


  1. I love these updates. So, if Toby didn't like Chinese food, what did he eat before you adopted him?

  2. Love that pic that makes Talia look like she has a very tall purple hat!

  3. Love that pic that makes Talia look like she has a very tall purple hat!