Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 2: Catching some Zzzzzzz's

Thankfully we have a little time to regroup and get our bodies in sync with China time before we are running after two little ones.
On Friday, January 15th we started the day by waking up at 5 am and hanging out in the room until the breakfast bar opened. We went down and enjoyed a variety of delicious choices including traditional American breakfast foods, salad, fruits, pastries, sushi, Chinese noodles and rice. We then had a meeting with our guide to discuss the schedule for our time here. We got to tour this magnificent hotel. It was raining all day, but as soon as the weather clears, there will be beautiful pictures of the gardens including a huge waterfall. I feel like I'm at a Disney resort.
We took a walk outside to check out the area. This area is very busy and has a variety of high end shops and restaurants.    ( Not a place for a little boy that touches everything ) We instead went to the local Walmart called "Trust Mart". It was a really neat store.  Funny thing is...I didn't see anyone walking around in their pajamas. (:
Toby did a great job staying with us and reached for our hands the whole time. We ate lunch at Pizza Hut and enjoyed it very much.  We were starting to get tired so we went back to the room. This huge wave of tiredness hit both David and I but not Toby. He has so much energy that he doesn't even get jet lagged. We finally got up and moving and walked to an Italian restaurant nearby for dinner.  Zonked, exhausted, weary, drained, and worn out are some great words to describe how we feel...except Toby. (:
This was before the wave of exhaustion hit..

Thought of you Bethany

We were going to eat this delish ice cream until we saw the price.

Toby said he was a KING sitting on this cool chair.

Warm water anyone?

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