Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 10: Warming up on a cold, rainy day!

Well our Saturday (January 23rd) is just about over and our timezone is just waking up to their Saturday...except my kids who are probably sleeping in. (:  I would LOVE to sleep in again. I have a feeling that will not happen for a very long time. We did get a few more winks this morning though. ..730. (:
 We didn't have alot to do today so we could take our time getting down to breakfast.
We met some new families that traveled down to Guangzhou to do their consulate appointments so that was good.  After breakfast, we came back to the room for bathtime and playtime while I went to a paperwork meeting.  There are so many details that have to be in place for everything to go smoothly.  After going through this process twice now, I feel very comfortable and this adoption has been so much easier than the first one.
We walked to Pizza Hut so Tali could try pizza for the first time. She loved it.  I tell you ..this little girl is such a good girl.  She is not picky with food, she obeys, she is affectionate  (slowly with David), she is potty-trained for day and night, she loves clothes, she loves to be clean and have her hair just right and she is just plain adorable. My Cassidy and Bethany are going to adore her.  What a little blessing she is! She loves Toby and I think she is going to love her big brother, Luke too.
Since the temperature here is in the 40's and blustery, we had to go buy some winter gear. We went to the clearance rack to find some gloves, hats, etc.. We did not come prepared for cooler weather because this is a tropical city. We even brought shorts, but unfortunately have not been able to wear them.  Everyone here is bundled up like they are ready to hike Mt. Everest. I only have a light fleece jacket, but I wish I had my coat. Brrr..So much for the flip flops I brought.
This afternoon, we watched Frozen. The kids watched it all the way through, but towards the end, Talia started to cry. I still don't know why because she can't express too much yet. My guess is that something triggered her memory of her foster mom and people she loved. I comforted her and she did warm up to me.  She also started warming up to David after he played a little game with her at dinner. That was a first!! Totally made his day!!! Slowly but surely, she will come around.  
Tomorrow we have a free day to go sightseeing and shopping.  It will be nice to do something different. In the evening, we have a boat ride on the river.  Toby missed it the last time we came, so I'm sure he will enjoy it...if the weather cooperates. ..Have a great day everyone.
First bite of pizza

I got a impromptu kiss. (:
She loves to shop.  She also picked a perfect shirt.

Watching Frozen

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