Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 14: Last day in China

Today, Wednesday,  January 27 was our last day here in China. Honestly,  it was a pretty uneventful day so this post will be short and sweet.
We woke up hoping for a sunny clear day, but you guessed it, rainy, cold and cloudy. 2 days of sun and 12 days of cold rain....That was a downer.  We had planned to go on the ferris wheel on top of the tower, but the weather changed that plan.):  We ate breakfast, played in the room, went to do some errands at a place called Aeon. It is a large department store that could be compared to a high end Target.  We looked for a couple of specific items then went to a pizza place called Oggies.  Of course, Talia had to use every squatty potty that we passed so that was fun. (Not really ).
We came back to the room for a short time and headed to Trust-Mart (Walmart) to look for a couple more things. We gave Jo Mao Jo restaurant one last shot and then called it a day. Toby woke up wound up pretty tight so we were a bit frustrated trying to tame him today.  Little Talia is a copy cat so she was following right after Toby...not a good combo.
Since we are leaving at 6 am tomorrow, we came back to the room and packed up our stuff. It's pretty snug, but I think we will get it all in our suitcases.
Tomorrow we drive in a van to Hong Kong to catch our flight at 1:00 pm. It will be a long morning getting to the airport, but we are ready to get the show on the road. We fly from Hong Kong to Seattle.   Please pray for safety in our drive to Hong Kong.  Please pray that no one gets car sick, especially Talia.  Please pray that everything will go smoothly with our flight to Seattle and that the kids will not be too rambunctious on the plane. Talk to you later!
Future Elevator Operatir!

Apparently, this is a luxury item.

Rice anyone? 

Chicken bones and head anyone?

These flavors may not fly in the US

Chinese New Year decorations everywhere!

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