Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Fun!

Well we are in our 7th month of having little Toby in our lives.  We have tried to enjoy the summer in between the raindrops.   We are really doing a lot of bonding since we are together 24/7.   Toby is really feeling comfortable with our family and loves us all, but he is really attached to his Momma.  (:  When we hit the 6 month mark, I was so excited and to be honest expected this big change to take place with his behavior issues, but unfortunately, my expectations were a bit too high for him .  He had a rough month in this area .  It kinda felt like we were back at month one which was exhausting at times.  With his high energy levels, sleep time is a gift for all of us. (:  He has more energy than any person I know.  Along with his high energy, he has high joy levels too.  Hearing his laughter is such a blessing to us.  His memory and ability to communicate is unbelievable.  We are so thankful that he understands everything we are telling him although he may not always want to do what we tell him.  That is my biggest prayer request... I know he is a survivor and still does not understand that he can fully depend on us to help him and care for him.  He still thinks that he has to do everything on his own which shows his desire to want to always be in control.

As far as the rest of the family,  Did you get to see the American Bible Challenge episode that featured Team Lift Your Voice?  David was on that team and they played for the charity...The National MPS Society...This is the condition that my niece, Taylor has.  We are very proud of them!

  Bethany finished up her summer Art class at Wright State University.  She also has been very busy at Chick-fil-a and being the videographer for four weddings.  What a creative eye she has!

 Our Luke, has been working so hard this summer at Chick Fil A.   We are so proud of him for raising most of the money on his own for his mission trip.  He left a week ago for the country of Trinidad.  This is his 5th time going and he was so excited to be able to minister and serve there with the team from our church.   Oh did I mention that he got his drivers license too?   Please pray for safety for my teen drivers.  

Cassidy has been a close buddy with Toby.  She is communicating with him so well.  She looks like me in many ways with her expressions and signs.  It thrills my heart to see her signing to her brother.  It reminds me of when I was younger with my Deaf brother, Mark.  

  We are all excited about spending time together on our family vacation and celebrating our 25th Silver wedding anniversary on July 29th.    Below are some pictures from this summer.  Talk again to you in mid August!
Cousin Fun!

The end result from Bethany's Art Class!

Congrats to Team Lift Your Voice!

We grew a salad!

We love our new fire pit!  We will be using this a lot this fall.

Trying on my wedding dress after 25 years...

I think he is a fan of our homemade popsicles.  Who wouldn't be?