Friday, January 17, 2014

One Month Later....

One month ago today, we became Jian Ke Zheng (Toby)'s parents.  It is hard to believe that it has only been 4 short weeks.  It feels as if we have had him his whole life because of the love we feel for him and the progress that he has made in this short time together.  Here are some highlights/updates of the past month:

  • Toby is adjusting as well as to be expected, but it has surprised us on how well he has attached to us.  Kisses and hugs are a regular part of his day and he knows where each of us are at various times of the day.  
  • He has learned around 120 American Sign Language signs and uses them as he is communicating his thoughts to us.  Communication is not an issue at all.  I know exactly what he wants and needs.  I can even read his little mind.  The look of delight on his face when we get what he is saying is priceless!
  • He is gradually adapting to our life.  Food choices are improving everyday.  At first, he would not eat too much, but now he tries everything we eat.  His favorites so far are:  jelly sandwiches (no peanut butter), fruit snacks, Go-gurt, fruit, Rice a Roni, hot dogs, green beans, corn, raisins, and oatmeal. 
  • Sleeping is improving, but he still has not slept a solid 8-10 hours straight.  Toby will go to the bathroom during the night and with his sweet spirit walk over to his sleeping Mama and have to say   "Hi" to her.  Of course, that wakes me up and I can't go back to bed for another hour or two.... So maybe one of these days I will get my beauty rest once again.. haha  Until then, excuse the very tired eyes that I have been displaying the past month.  Also getting him to go to sleep is a struggle.  He just does NOT like bedtime or naptime and it is a challenge to get him to pleasantly lay down.. (Prayer Request #1)
  • We have set up doctor appointments as well as evaluation in regards to school.  Things always take longer than we want them to so patience is important.  We want to give him a complete evaluation physically so we can know what is going on inside his little body.  He has an audiology appointment in March.  We are also trying to confirm his age as well with various tests.  As far as school goes, we have to get him evaluated by our school system and then we can make decisions that will be best for him at that time.  (Prayer request #2)
  • His energy level is high so he keeps us on our toes, but he is starting to calm down at home.  At first, he would not even sit still for 5 minutes, but now he is getting attached to watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins.  He also loves playing with playdough, his cars and his Nabi. (a kids handheld Ipad).   
  •  Sundays are tough because of going to church and finding a place for him, but with the help of many sweet friends at church, we are getting the assistance that we need.  We are so grateful for so many willing people to help.  Toby is enjoying Sunday school, Preschool praise and a shortened version of Awana.   
Thank you for your prayers and please continue.  We have already had one post adoption visit from our social worker, but we have 5 more in the next 5 years..(I know... it is a long process) .    Some people have asked us about our adoption fundraising website..( )   We were about $1825 short of our goal.  We were going to use that money for post adoption costs and evaluation costs.  Right now, Toby has US Citizenship, but he still has a Chinese birth Certificate and a  Chinese name.
 (Jian Ke Zheng, in case you were wondering what his real name is..) After we get some final paperwork sent to us, we need to RE-ADOPT him here in the US so that we can get his official English name and US birth certificate.  This will be a little bit of a process as well with costs.  I will be closing down the fundraising website by February 1 so if you would still like to contribute to it, it will be available until then.  We are SOOOOO overwhelmed by the amount of money that we DID raise and our hearts are so grateful to all who contributed.  Words could never be enough to express how grateful we are.. We could not have done this without your prayers and financial support... THANK YOU!

Enjoy some pictures that we took since we have been home.  Everyday is a blessing and a challenge.., but we know that God will give us the strength and  patience to get us through this transition time. Thank you for your patience and understanding with us if we can't stand in one spot for a long time.  We are off chasing our sweet boy and burning lots of calories. (:

Cassidy showing Toby her Bible.

Toby walking into church for the first time..

First Haircut.....Before...

After....(he did awesome)

We love our boy!

I think Toby loves his bed although he fights sleep.

He loved seeing his poster under the tree.

Some of the Welcome Home signs.  Toby LOVED them all and wanted to hang them up on the walls at home.

It's our Christmas January..

Our special gift under the tree.

My 4 gifts from God

Toby's stocking

What a special gift!

Merry Christmas from the Failes!

Christmas dinner..

Yes, he loves to help with chores.. I had him mopping.  He insisted on wearing the apron too.

Job complete!

A beautiful snowfall..

Catching snowflakes..

Loving my boy!