Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 7... Seeing the fatherless = Life changing

On Sunday, Dec. 15, our family had the opportunity to drive an hour away from our hotel to see the Zhengzhou Children's Orphanage.  On a positive note, the facilities were very nice and modern.  They are updating a lot of the areas of the orphanage.  On a sad note,  there were over 200 children there.  The first room we went to was the baby room.  Our hearts were broken as we saw MANY babies just laying in their cribs...some crying..some sleeping and some just looking for attention..  We tried to talk to many of them, but there too many to talk to.  It was my saddest moment of the trip for sure.  We also went into a room of elementary age children with various disabilities... They were watching a movie, but loved it when we entered the room.  Tears could not be contained by all of us..  Just knowing that some of these children will NEVER have a family, just was too sad to comprehend.   Both of my daughters said that they want to adopt when they get older.  If ANYONE would go to an orphanage they would feel the same way.  Praying that these little (and big) ones will find a family one day.

If you have enough room and enough love in your home, you should consider adoption.  I admit that this is going to be a challenge for David and I.  We are a little out of practice with having a littler one around, but we know that God wants us to do this and the frustrations, inconveniences, and difficult circumstances will all be worth it just knowing that Toby will grow up having a family that loves him unconditionally.

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