Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 17- Merry Christmas!

It's December 25 today on the calendar, but we will be postponing our Christmas celebrations until after we get home.   Today was a very quiet day.  We all woke up and felt a bit homesick.   We ate breakfast, laid around in the room,  ate lunch at McDonalds, laid around some more... ( I know this is such an exciting post. haha)  But in the evening, we had the honor to be with some new friends that live here in China.  We have a wonderful friend in Beavercreek who is a foreign exchange student.  We met up with his parents here in Guangzhou.  We had the pleasure of eating dinner and seeing some beautiful parts of the city with them.   We actually went to a seafood market, picked out our dinner, and a nearby restaurant cooked it for us.  It is such a unique experience.   We were so grateful to have met them.  They gave us an authentic Chinese experience that we will never forget.  God bless them for their hospitality and friendliness to our family!  Our little Toby kept signing "beautiful girl" to their little girl.  He is already a little flirt. haha  Merry Christmas.

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