Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 11--- We found a Chinese Santa.

Thursday was our day to relax.  We took our time getting up and going down to the breakfast buffet.  The breakfast buffet has so much variety that it is easy to stay at the restaurant for hours.   Yes, I even ate Chinese food (fried rice, noodles, and Chicken dish)  for breakfast.   They also have typical "American" goodies as well so we got the best of both..   We just hung out in the hotel, played with Toby, and took a walk to Walmart and Starbucks.  In the evening, the hotel lobby had a choir of girls sing Christmas music.  Mostly "secular" type songs, but it still gave us some Christmas cheer.  We even found a Chinese Santa.  As some of you know,  I force my kids (all of them) every year to do a Santa picture.  (Luke loves it... haha)   I have done it now since Bethany was 2 months old in 1994 and it is a tradition of mine.  I was worried that this year my tradition would be broken because I wanted Toby to be in it, but I knew we would not be arriving back in America until after Christmas.  Well we found one here.  It may not be a professional shot, but at least the tradition lives on.

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  1. You got your Santa picture! And this will be the most unique pic of the bunch you already have.... Ho-Ho-Ho!!! (Love this.....)