Friday, September 13, 2013

I am holding in my hand the LOA  (Letter of Acceptance) from China.  This is the letter that we have worked SO hard to get for the past 9 months.   Thank you for your prayers and support as we are getting closer for Toby's homecoming.      If you want to be involved.... Check out the last four fundraisers that are coming up in the next few months....

The last of the adoption fundraisers are here! WOOT WOOT! Here is the list of my scheduled fundraisers. Please let me know if you can be involved.

OCTOBER 8- Chick Fil A Toby Day!- Mark your calendars. Please come out and eat a meal at the Beavercreek CFA (my daughter Bethany September Faile works there)... We will get a portion of the sales for the day. You must show them a Fundraiser flyer. It will be posted soon.

OCTOBER 17-19- Krispy Kreme Donut Sales - If you would like to help me sell 20 boxes of donuts, please let me know now. (: If you want to buy some delish KK donuts , please let me know by October 10. I am praying for a big result on this one. (:

Sometime in OCTOBER- Fall family Photo Session just in time for your Christmas cards. Photos by Leah Kelley Photography. Date TBA when we get several families interested.

NOVEMBER 2- Ohio Association for the Deaf-DEAFair in Columbus. I will be selling my ASL decals and other crafts that I have made. If you are interested, go to Etsy and look for Fundraiser for Toby shop.


Fundraising is NOT one of my favorite activities, but I am doing what it takes to get Toby home without debt. Thank you for your participation, but most of all, pray that these fundraisers will be successful. Thank you!    David and Mary Beth Faile (:

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