Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We got our Provisional approval notice in the mail yesterday!  It is called the I-800.   We now have to wait for the NVC letter to arrive.  This will inform us that Toby will be receiving his visa to become an American citizen when he arrives here.   After that, we need to wait for Article 5 which is the final piece of the puzzle before we get our travel approval and date.  We are praying that we can go the first week of December.  This would be a good time as my ASL class will be ending for the semester so I will not have to get a substitute for my class. 

 I have a big prayer request!  We really want to bring our three children with us to China.  We are a family and we really want Toby to make a connection with ALL of us when we see him for the first time.  Because of this, we need to raise extra funds for travel.  I am doing 4 big fundraisers during the month of October.
1)  October 8 - Chick Fil A day... Bring this flyer in and eat a meal.  We will get 20% of the sales for the day..  If you need to have one sent to you, contact me at mblovesdavid@aol.com.
2)  KRISPY KREME Donut Sale-  On Oct. 17-19, buy some donuts from me or help me sell some!  Please let me know if you are interested in buying or selling before Oct. 10.  I really need help with this!

3)  Fall family photo shoot by Leah Kelley Photography..  $75 for a 45 minute photo session.  You get your photos on disk to make your own prints.  Contact me for more details..  Spots are filling up fast!

4)  Ohio Association of the Deaf festival in Columbus.  I will be setting up a booth and selling ASL decals and other crafts.  (:  Looking forward in meeting many Deaf friends at this event!

 Will you pray that all of these will be successful so that these funds will be raised?  We know that God will fund what He favors!  Thank you for your prayers and support!  Mary Beth (:

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