Friday, July 19, 2013

The long journey has begun.......

Today our dossier was sent to China!!!!!!!   Last Friday, I sent the dossier to our adoption agency (Holt International).  They had to review it and if everything looked good they said they would be sending it on Friday, July 19.    Well today is the day that we have been waiting for for a while.  The papers are out of our hands and into the hands of those that will either speed up the process or possibly slow it down.   Will you pray specifically that we will be approved soon and will have a travel date before the end of the year?  Holt says that typically it takes between 5 - 8 months for travel from this point.  We REALLY would love it to be 4 months for many different reasons...  Will you also pray that all of the details will be worked out for me to be away from my teaching job for 2-3 weeks?  It might be hard to find a substitute for my ASL class at Wright State.    Will you also pray that we can raise the last BIG chunk of money that we will need for travel?  Fundraising is not something I enjoy doing, but I am willing to do EVERYTHING I can to get our little boy in our arms.  

  Our dream is to take our children with us.  We have several reasons, but the main reason is so that Toby will visually see the family that he will be a part of since he is Deaf.   It is hard enough to communicate what is going to be happening to him, but if he sees us altogether, he might feel a little bit more comfortable.    Thank you for your continued prayers.  God is providing each step of the way.  We give Him all of the praise and glory for the things He has done.  We are PRAYING BIG!  Will you join us?

David and Mary Beth Faile

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