Saturday, January 12, 2013

Step One

 Our meeting went well on Friday.  A one hour orientation turned into almost 3 hours.   The Social Worker was very helpful in explaining everything that we need to do..  We left feeling very overwhelmed, but we decided that we are going to dedicate one hour a day completing the list of  26 items, but crazy thing is this is just a partial list.  At least we could cross off the Divorce Verification Paper and the Well water Check.. None of those apply so we are already down to 24 more things haha..  Our goal is to try and get the items completed in one month or less.   A friend of mine used this picture on her facebook page which is a mix of encouragement and discouragement.  We are only on Step One which is a 1-3 month process.  (Deep breath)  Please pray for us as we get everything done as well as apply for financial grants as we are completely depending on the Lord to accomplish this in our lives!  We are very busy with so many other things, but this is a huge priority for us as well.   Thank you for all your sweet supportive comments!


  1. Remember just one step at a time! This would be the time NOT to look at the big picture of the process! Y'all will do great!!!!!

    1. Yep... Looking ahead to what is to come is a downer, but it will be nice to look back at everything accomplished! One day at a time for sure...