Thursday, January 31, 2013

I hate to admit this, but because my English Composition credits did NOT transfer from the University that I went to, I have to retake two English Composition classes. (Big Sigh)  With that being said, I was required to write a paper by doing a visual analysis of a picture/advertisement that I found online.  Here is the paper that I just submitted along with the picture that I analyzed.  I felt that it would be a great posting for the blog today.  Enjoy!
Mary Beth Faile

Professor  Hellmers

English Composition 2

January 31, 2013


                Have you ever wanted something so bad but knew in your heart that it was not possible to attain it?  If there was a chance to satisfy that desire, would you do anything to make it happen?   For most people that answer would be YES!   When I think of a pursuit to satisfy, I think of adoption.  Men and especially women have a desire to have a child and become a parent.  In many cases, that is not possible so the only other option would be adoption.  The visual message that this picture advertisement sends is so touching.  The adoption advertisement is a picture of a couple in a courtroom.  The soon to be parents are sitting in seats where a defendant or plaintiff would normally sit.  There is an audience of people behind them each showing a different emotion in response to the decision that was just made at this court ceremony.  There are stuffed animals lined up behind the family on the ledge between the audience and them.  Front and center is a Hispanic lady who is visibly crying.  She is wearing a yellow rose corsage and has a name badge on her with a green sticker.  Her husband is seated two seats from her with the same yellow rose boutonniere and name tag with a green sticker.  In between them, sits a precious little Hispanic girl holding a green stuffed animal.  It is apparent that the judge was officially making this couple parents to this young sweet girl.  The dad is smiling and hugging his new little girl, while the mother is overcome with emotion.  The emotions that are being displayed attracts me to this advertisement.    The message of pursuit, support,  and sheer joy scream out at the audience viewing this picture.

            By viewing the emotions of the parents in this picture, it is apparent that the void in their lives of not being able to have a child weighed heavy on them.   Choosing adoption was their way of filling that void with someone to love as their own.  If you have never gone through the process of what it takes to adopt, you would be shocked as to what is required, the length of time it takes, the details that must be completed before expiration dates and the cost of going through the process.  It is something that not many people attempt because it takes work.  It takes a pursuit.  It is a pursuit for the chance to love someone that has no one in their life to love them.  The visible satisfaction that is being shown by the father as he is embracing this child is so evident.  They went on a pursuit together and they won the prize of having this little girl as their very own validated by the court system of our land.  All of the hard work and effort was worth experiencing this very moment.

            Not only were the parents overcome with emotion, but so are the audience members.  It is not clear if the people behind them are relatives, friends or strangers, but regardless of their connection with the adoptive parents, they are in full support of this decision based on the joy, compassion, and delight that they are showing.  Some are clapping.  Some look like they are going to cry.  Some are just meditating and soaking in the glory of the moment.  It does my heart good to see such support from these people.  When a couple is going through the process of adoption, having moral support , emotional support and financial support is crucial.  There are a lot of emotions that go along this journey.  Other people can come along side of the adoptive parents and really help the process to run smoother.  It works the same way when a lady is pregnant.  People in her life are there for her as she goes through the long pregnancy journey.

            What is the result of the agony of paperwork, emotional rollercoaster rides and years of waiting?  A child!!  Nothing brings sheer joy than a child.  Children are a gift from God.  They are priceless and precious.  This child has visibly brought sheer joy to this couple who is now a family of three.  The mother's face says it all.  She looks so overwhelmed by the finality of the process that she is crying and in disbelief.  She looks so thankful and amazed that she is now a mother. 

            Now my perspective of this picture may be different than someone else's.  They might be looking at just the child.  Let me describe her for you.  She is not smiling.  She looks scared.  She is not being affectionate to anything but the stuffed animal she is holding.  Her father is hugging her, but she looks lost .  Another analysis of this picture may be that the child does not want to be with this couple.  They may interpret this picture as the parents and judge forcing a situation onto a child that does not look satisfied  with the outcome.   This would not be the best interpretation of this picture because we are missing a lot of events before and after this picture was taken.  Of course, the child will be scared.  Putting myself in a child's shoes that is being adopted must be frightening, but in time, that child will learn to love because of the unconditional love the parents have for her.  These parents seem so happy therefore, I have no doubt that she will grow up in a very loving, nurturing atmosphere full of life, love and satisfaction.

            Pursuing your dream of adoption takes a lot of determination, strength and endurance, but if a person has a desire to accomplish this goal, they will.  With the support of family and friends by their side, they will see the light at the end of the tunnel and in the end find more joy than they could have possibly dreamed.  They will be overcome with the emotion that their pursuit gave them a grand reward... the opportunity to love  a child.  It is priceless!




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