Thursday, February 11, 2016


Yesterday, we went ahead and "readopted" Talia here in Ohio. It was the easiest adoption ever!!! A few papers and $183 fee and we were done. I sure wish the foreign adoption was that easy. After surviving two adoption processes, I feel like I deserve a Masters degree.
 So why did we even have to "readopt"? Well, it technically is not required by law, but it is highly suggested.   It legally changes her name from her Chinese name to the name we chose for her. She will get an Ohio birth certificate as well. Having her name be legally changed avoids A LOT of complication for doctors, school paperwork, etc.
When we adopted Toby 2 years ago, I took him to the doctor immediately when we got back from China.  They had to use his Chinese name with all their paperwork because that was the only name they could use.  Well I did the readoption stuff a few months later .  Long story short, two years later, we JUST got approved for a special medical program that I applied for over a year ago.  What took so long? His name and birthdate change complicated his paperwork.    SO....this momma has learned from that mistake.  Our little Mao, Si Ru is officially Talia Lin-Siru Faile! The only thing left to do is get her Social Security card changed to her American name and get her an American passport and then everything is complete!!! PHEW...lots of work, but so worth it.
The Judge that signed our paperwork was gracious enough to take some official pictures with Toby and Talia. Two years ago, we didn't get a picture with the Judge with Toby so we got them both done together. It was very special for them to pound the gavel and it be official! (David had some closer pictures.  I will change them when I can transfer them to my phone)

Of course, we had to have an ice cream party to celebrate another important day!


  1. Yay! How is Talia doing these days?

    1. She is doing really good. We are so thankful she is adjusting to us so fast!

    2. Great to know that! It was sad when you told us of her crying at night and missing her former caregivers. I'm happy she is adjusting well to everyone! :)

      Thanks for these updates!